The Original
Fire Roasted Chicken

For Over a Decade!! Chicks™ has been voted BEST TASTING CHICKEN for the last twelve straight years*.

We’re the BEST and here’s why: At Chicks ™, we carefully prepare and serve you only the freshest 100% natural** chicken.

Our chickens are marinated WHOLE for TWO DAYS in Chicks™ unsurpassed secret recipe*** of natural fruit juices, spices, herbs, and seasonings.

This patient approach allows for delicious marinade to permeate the entire chicken. Chicks ™ marinade is not just slapped on at the last minute, so, should you choose to remove the skin, the great taste is still in there!!

We then SLOW-ROAST our chicken WHOLE. For almost two hours in the open fire rotisserie. Chicks ™ superior cooking technique (vs. grilling, BBQ, or frying) enhances tenderness while sealing in flavor and juiciness.

Chicks ™ cooking method also “cooks out” much of the fat, roasting the skin to a crispy golden brown. This is why our chicken is low-fat and low-calorie. Teamed with our healthy side-dishes, you’re eating “right” and eating “tasty” at Chicks ™. Lunch or dinner, our place or yours, San Diego’s best chicken!!

Your satisfaction unconditionally guaranteed!!

Chicks Natural, Nobody Beats Our Chicken

*Entertainers Reader Poll.
**Minimally processed. Nothing artificial, no preservatives, no additives, no hormones.
***Absolutely no oil, MSG, artificial ingredients, or artificial coloring used.



Chicks Natural
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